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‘Creating art without using tradition to further one’s own art is like trying to re-invent the wheel. You have to embrace the past (as well as other arts) to be able to use what you like to create authentic works of art that may at best lead to New Traditions. I like my work to be direct, transparant and uncomplicated. My art should speak for itself, but in a quiet and modest way. For those who like to hear, see, listen or read. Enough space for free interpretation. Listen to your favorite song. Enjoy the Sound of Painting.’

‘Still Life, Face Artifacts and Play like A Child in Time’

Johan Vorenkamp

Abstraction is a Reality

The work of Dutch artist Johan Vorenkamp is not easy to make out. Educated by painters like Martin Tissing, Ruud de Rode and later Toon Verhoef, he graduated in 1984 at the ABK (art) Academie Minerva in Groningen. State commissioner at the time was Kees van Bohemen. In reflection on what already exists Vorenkamp is extremely thoughtful of the tradition he stands in without ever copying it. His portraits are psychologically moving and show affection and emotion. The Still Life series as well as the abstract paintings are in a way portraits as well. A search for the most exciting composition, form and colour schemes. In a very special, sometimes almost 3 dimensional way he takes things out of the figurative to melt into abstraction.

Richard ter Borg

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